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     WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners have stopped all the arguments at work about who should keep the office clean. Now that they do our office cleaning everyone gets on so much better and our office looks great. Definitely worth the money.
Boris Keir 19/05/2020
     The cleaners showed up on time, they worked hard, they took care of delicate items, nothing was damaged and they were courteous and professional.
Cody B.19/09/2019
     Their cleaning services are good value and West Kensington Carpet Cleaning Company are very reliable. Their team provided a great deep clean and all in all I had a top experience with this company.
Alex H.18/04/2019
     WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners did a great job of my home cleaning after I broke my arm. I lived on my own, and after the in injury couldn't do a lot around the house. My son suggested I called this company and I am glad I did. Their cleaners are reliable and arrive every Wednesday and clean throughout the house from top to bottom and do a splendid job for the money. A great service and so helpful.
Ernie S.13/01/2016
     I've hired West Kensington Carpet Cleaning a few times now and they never fail to deliver. We'll usually need office cleaning right before a big client comes around, as we can keep on top of enough to get through day to day stuff. But when you need that bit of extra polish, they bring that extra level of professional polish. Low cost as well, so we'll probably be turning to them more regularly in the future. Excellent service.
Shawn Peach05/11/2015
     I have a mobile dog grooming company and my vehicle gets really messy over the course of a week's work. I have had West Kensington Carpet Cleaning cleaning my mobile parlour for several years now. They keep my business looking presentable which is essential in my line of work. Thanks for years of great value cleaning!
Michelle Lambert 14/07/2015
     We are a superstore with a huge number of visitors each day. With the volumes we deal in, we were looking for a cleaning professional who could plan the cleaning in phases. West Kensington Carpet Cleaning's team is highly diligent and professional. They offer the right suggestion at the right time so that the client's benefit is maximised. Our store racks, fixtures and carpets were cleaned religiously during our off hours. We did not face any down time with them. I would happily recommend their services.
Robbie Martin08/05/2015
     WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners has proved to be a tremendous help for me. At first I hired them for a kitchen cleaning and then I decided that they could help me with the entire house cleaning. Not only does the house look perfect when they are done cleaning it, but the contractors themselves are very professional and genuinely nice people. I love working with this company and I would hire them again and again!
Lucy M.17/03/2015
     When I hired WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners I wasn't expecting such a high-quality service. The rates offered to me were so cheap that I just couldn't imagine this to be a professional company, but they've definitely proved me wrong! My house is always immaculately clean now, and my bank account hasn't taken too much of a hit - a very reliable service for an excellent price!
Martin Hughes29/01/2015
     WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners's reputation precedes them! Whatever positive things you've heard about this London based cleaning firm are all I true. I can vouch for the cleaners' professionalism and attention to detail. My home has never been cleaner since I hired this cleaning firm to perform upholstery cleaning and carpet washing! It's not an easy job, but the staff seem to execute all their duties with ease and comfort, never leaving a speck of dust behind once they've finished. A truly gratifying service! Just fantastic!
     I recently held a party at my home for many guests. However, afterwards there was dishes, litter, crumbs, spills, stains and lots more. I wouldn't be able to tackle it myself so I called WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners for help. They sent some expert cleaners to my address who assisted in getting everything sorted and my home was clean within the day. With their services, I know I can hold another party and not worry about the mess that comes with it.
Orson G.18/12/2014
     After being busy with my career I had sadly let my house cleaning go a little and I felt it time to get someone in to get it back in shape again. WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners were my guardian angels and they were so friendly. I could not have had a more pleasant experience from an honest and truly professional company. Their prices are very affordable and the staff is courteous and friendly. My home now sparkles and I am so grateful to them.
Karen H.24/11/2014
     As a mother of two working full time it is often the cleaning that gets relegated to the scrap heap when I am prioritising my chores. I needed some help keeping my house clean and so I rang WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners and they quoted me an affordable price on house cleaning. A cleaner comes each week on a Wednesday and she is really kind and nice but best of all does a totally brilliant job at a really reasonable price. I can't fault her work and I always recommend the company to friends. Thank you very much!
Terri E.09/10/2014
     I am always making a mess at home and don't find the time to clean it up. When things got too much, I decided that I must do something about it. I called up WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners to see what help they could provide and I got everything I needed. They gave me useful information and advice and I soon hired their services. Their staff came to my home and in the course of one day got rid of all the litter, dirt and dust and now I live in a spotless home I can feel happy in because of their hard work.
Bryan Topper20/06/2014
     If you are worried that you might feel a little lazy for hiring a cleaning service, you will likely be surprised by quite how much faster they are than you when you first get WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners round. Having a professional cleaner round for the first time was an eye opener for me in a big way, and I have not looked back since, after three years of working with them! I'm pleased to recommend them to anyone who needs a great clean for a great price, and do suggest that you at least give them a trial run!
Elisa M.05/03/2014
     Having a weekly clean has just become part of my lifestyle now, and I completely take it for granted. It was only when I received and invoice the other day that I thought I should take the time to recommend WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners's services. I have a cleaner who is so lovely, and does a fantastic job on a weekly basis. On the off-chance she is away all the other cleaners have been equally as nice and professional. While they keep my house clean I have more free time to socialise and pursue hobbies - I wouldn't be without them!
Mrs. Criley30/01/2014
     Cleaning the office is not something that I can really get my employees to do. I asked my daughter to do it for a couple of weeks, but she was rubbish at it! I reluctantly called various companies, and decided to use WestKensingtonCarpetCleaners because their rate was pretty low. I'm extremely glad that I found them, as they are seriously good, very fast, and excellent value! I have recommended them to other friends in business, and will potentially even be getting them to send someone round to my house next week, as it is need of a sprucing up!

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